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RE: VMs: Repeats and Blitherings

Hi John,

At 22:06 23/06/2004 -0400, John Grove wrote:
        One thing that still bothers me... if the quire signatures were not
those of the author, then by what means did the author keep the pages/quires

Perhaps there's a quire number encoded within the page - perhaps within the page-initial Neal key on the first page of a quire? Just a thought. :-)

Quire signatures or ... what the heck are those words called again -- the
word on one page is the same as the first on the following page.

Catchwords. BTW, here's a nice table showing "A short history of the quire", which describes vertical catchwords on "The Humanistic Quire, starting in Florence, c.1400":-

Unfortunately, we know it was done after the current binding order took
but before the missing pages were cut out or lost, so once again the author
seem to use any form of pagination - I think that was common practice though
wasn't it?

Or perhaps the original author(s) didn't see any need for quiration or pagination? Perhaps either might have compromised the design aim - *inscrutability*. :-)

John (with the h) Grove. I have to add that my family thinks it is quite weird
that two people with very similar names have such a bizarre hobby.

Similarly, there are at least three <Nicholas John Pelling>s playing club chess in the UK. I wouldn't mind, but the other two's losses consistently drag my rating down. :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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