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Re: VMs: Repeats and Blitherings

At 15:43 24/06/2004 +0100, I wrote:
So, perhaps the original ms was made in the way you describe - that would make sense. However, that wouldn't be consistent with what we know about the folio layout and structure of the VMs as it stands.

To be more precise: perhaps the precedent (?) manuscript (from which, as Philip Neal suggests, the VMs was likely copied) was written in a pre-bound booklet in the way that you describe - that would be quite sensible. However, there seems to be no evidence supporting the idea that the VMs itself was physically constructed in this way - what evidence there is suggests otherwise.

Regardless, it would still be revealing to test the idea of whether the VMs was written page-by-page or one-bifolio-at-a-time. Why not compare the <f2v-was-followed-by-f3r> hypothesis with the <f2v-was-followed-by-f7r> hypothesis? Only one is likely to be true...

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