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Re: VMs: Re: Transcription Ramble

Gabriel Landini wrote:

But <i> and <n> need to be separate characters because they also occur on their own. So let's suppose that <iin> is now called M. How do you write <okan>? The inconsistency therefore becomes that the <n> in <iin> looks the same as the last character in <okan> yet they are coded differently, thus contradicting the principle 'show exactly what it looks like'.

I imagine that the reason the Currier transcription uses different symbols for <in>, <iin>, and <iiin> was that most letters other than "i" do not repeat two or three times. Perhaps a more appropriate approach which is consistent with Gabriel's point would be to have symbols for <i>, <ii>, and <iii> and to transcribe <iiin> as <iii><n> and so on.


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