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Re: VMs: RE: Making a vms with meaning (long)

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 02:31, Jeff wrote:
> I would no a noun, verb and adjective placement scan. Comparing to a range
> of different languages. The first step is to plot the patterns in large
> samples of the selected languages. Form a heirarchical tree structure of
> connected word types, then let the computer do the number crunching against
> the cipher text. You only need to find a few matches to start to analyse
> further.

This, at most would give some structure patterns. I do not believe that one 
could identify which verbs, nouns or adjectives they are and thus, it is not 

If the vms was a nomenclator (no idea of whether it is or isn't), one has a 
slightly better chance because of the labels, but I am not too optimistic 


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