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Re: VMs: Re: Making a vms with meaning (long)

> --- Elmar Vogt <elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I don't think it's necessary to turn to so elaborate
> > means. German for 
> > example has repetitions of its articles quite often
> > -- a sequence like "er 
> > dachte, dass das das richtige sei" is considered bad
> > style, but 
> > grammatically correct.
> But 'das' is probably not the most frequent word
> in average German texts.... (I am guessing).

Moreover, such sequences like "das das" are extremely rare in German 
and even more rare in English and slavonic languages (I can hardly 
think of one in Czech - my mother tongue.) AFAIK, the largest number 
of word repetitions in German is three (For example: Die, die die 
Schlacht verloren haben. ;-) In VMs, the number of words that occur 
in pairs is large - more than 50. Several occur in triplets and 
qokedy occurs once four times in a row. 

In fact, if you randomly reorder the words in VMs, you get on average 
much LESS repetitions than in real VMs. In other words the words in 
VMs tend to go together rather than to repulse, like in most natural 

As usual, I cannot offer any conclusion or interpretation, just an 
observation, sorry. :-(


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