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VMs: f34 (was: Important)

Title: f34 (was: Important)

Looking at f34v and f34r, to see the hole Nick referred to, I was struck by two things - they've probably been noted before (hasn't everything?) but I thought I'd mention them just in case.

Firstly, the roots on both sides of the page look very similar, particularly to the right of the plant - as though one had been copied from the other or both copied from a common source.

Secondly (and this may just be a product of my sick mind), the roots on f34v look like two ...errr... stallions? Some kind of animal anyway, decidedly male, with intertwined 'parts' and their heads together, the flower sprouting from their necks. Does this fit in with any kind of myth or legend that anyone's aware of? I couldn't find anything on Google, but wasn't quite sure what keywords to use!


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> All the same, the "virtual vellum flaw" on f112 looks like it
> was copied:
> and the hole scraped through the vellum on f34 looks as though it was
> integral to the original's design, and hence was probably
> copied as well.
> But that's a long way from asserting it was a "dumb copy" - I
> don't think
> either Philip or I are arguing for the "dumb copyist" position at all.