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RE: VMs: Possible explanation for Quire 20...


	You've been suggesting that Quire 20 was bound inside out. Wouldn't this
put 116v in a rather awkward location? I would tend to think that 116v is
the actually last verso of the VMS, and because it is the last quire didn't
require a quire mark. It appears to me that 116r is the last piece of VMS
content written, and 116v has the last drawings.


	Since 116v is somewhat void of content, how does this equate to the writing
on a flat bifolio? 103r and 116v would share the same side of vellum, while
103v and 116r are the opposite side. Three out of the four panels have a lot
of text.
If the bifolio was written before binding on one side first, obviously f103v
and f116r were written first (since 116v is void of real content). However,
116r looks more likely to be the last page written because both 103r and
103v are consistent with the starred paragraphs - while 116r commences with
starred paragraphs but has an addendum tacked on the bottom. I'm not sure if
this is really indicative of writing the panels in sequence or not, but it
seems to suggest the author did write 103r then 103v...hmmmm

	What if... Each bifolio was written separately, but sequentially within the
bifolio... such that the author wrote f103r, flipped the vellum wrote f103v,
flipped the vellum wrote f116r, and flipped the vellum and drew some
pictures on f116v then died (or got bored or had nothing further to say).

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