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Re: VMs: Re: f58v to f65r transition

GC wrote:

Sleepless nights, gotta love 'em.  Hmm, I also notice a little green paint
transfer between the two, which must have occurred after the other folios
went missing.  What do you think, Nick?  Newbold did the watercolors? :-)
(if you take me seriously I'll have two scoops of vanilla in a chocolate
dip, with nuts, lots of NUTS ~@#@!)

Yes, "sleepless" is my modus operandi. I was looking at the same detail. At first I thought it could be pigment on f58v from f65r. The gutter edge spot matches pretty well to the leaf on f65r, yet why not more then? The outer edge stain clinches it for me - the stains on f58v are from a different, non extant, page. Though, Nick is the Stain Master. I await his judgment.

Ken W

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