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Re: VMs: f67v-?-?-f68r

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

It has been mentioned that in some place there
are 'stubs' visible between consecutively numbered
pages. I don't know if it was here, but it seems
Jim Reeds also mentioned that the 'stub' of f74 actually consists of a pair of stubs. He
did not dare to conclude that there were actually
two pages cut out there (since it would result
in an odd number of folios) but thought that it
could be an artefact of the (re-)binding of this

It can only be decided by someone having a very close look at the binding here.

Cheers, Rene


Take a look at the far right edge of the aforementioned MrSID of f67v2/v1. The image shows what I would say is undeniably two cut folios. Sleep depravation or reality?

Ken W

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