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VMs: Medical drawings in the VMS

All of the following is set against a background of depictions of various
humors and organs, the aorta, veins, arteries, intestines, ovaries, etc.
The whole is decidedly medical

f76v - upper left, woman holding three stalks of grass or herb.  I think
that what is emenating from the herb is smoke.  The burning of herbs (like
incense) and the breathing of the smoke was considered to have curative
properties and is standard in many medical books.  Woman directly below is
holding a bladder with a little liquid coming from the top.  This is in my
view a "syringe", to us a douche bag.  This was filled with herbal washes
and used both as a douche and an enema device to treat various disorders of
the matrix and the digestive system.

f79v - upper left, woman holding a cross.  Underneath that, recumbent woman
with liquid apparently pouring into her eye.  She is holding one of several
images of a ring.  Combined with the head gear in many images, I take this
to be an exaggerated wedding ring, and the woman a bride.

F80r - woman second from left at top is holding a "top" or suppository
device, and also has it pointing coincidentally toward the proper place.  To
the far right on the top, a young maiden being chased by a young "lad?".
This maiden is also apparently holding a ring in her hand.  Middle left, one
woman is doing something with another woman's eye, while the "patient" woman
is holding what appears to be an exaggerated pair of tweezers.  Woman below
that holding what may be herbal roots - not certain.

F80v - the woman at the top left is holding a "syringe".  The woman at
middle left is holding another ring.  Top right, woman apparently picking a
plant.  Below that, one woman middle right appears to be applying something
to another woman's hair or scalp.

F82r - woman bottom left holding a "syringe".  Bottom center, another woman
holding a ring.  Headgear again is less than informal.

F84r - bottom left, woman holding something circular.  Something else
written in the pool in blue ink.  Middle pool, the medieval equivalent of
the game "drop the soap"......  time to take my medication.......


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