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Re: VMs: MrSID and linux again

Gabriel Landini wrote:
On Friday 02 July 2004 19:26, Jim Gillogly wrote:

I finally found a MrSID viewer for linux -- it's old, but appears to work
fine on my system.  A link to it and several other models is at
http://patrimoine.met.wallonie.be/cartotheque/download/download_mrsid.htm .
It dates from 1998.  It's nice to see that software from the Dark Ages can

I just installed it and although I can launch it, the menu items cannot be selected...
I clikc Files and I see Open, Save (dimmed) and Quit, but I cannot select any of these. (SuSE linux 9.1)
Any ideas?

That's what mine looks like too. When I click Files and drag the cursor down to Open and release, it puts up a "Directory Browser" in the directory where I called it. Do you have the MrSID_HOME envariable set to the directory where it's installed? I wasn't sure where to point it, so I set it to the complete pathname of the executable, including the executable itself: % setenv MrSID_HOME /usr/local/bin/MrSID It doesn't appear to matter whether I aim it there or at the executable in the directory where I unpacked it.

After selecting a .sid file, the "Save" is no longer dimmed.

I'm on an upgraded RedHat 9, with 2.4.22-ac4 kernel and KDE 3.2.3, if that
	Jim Gillogly
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