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Re: VMs: MrSID and linux again

On Monday 05 July 2004 13:43, Jim Gillogly wrote:
> I wrote:
> That's what mine looks like too.  When I click Files and drag the cursor
> down to Open and release, it puts up a "Directory Browser" in the directory
> where I called it.
The mouse click does not seem to work in any menu item other than the main 
menu (so clicking on Open does nothing), 

> Do you have the MrSID_HOME envariable 
Yes. :-(

I tried ./MrSID -i the_sid_file.sid and it loads the sid file, but then the 
only thing I can do is enlarge it !

But I just realised that by combining [enter] with the mouse, it keeps the 
menu entry list open and the mouse starts to work.

So this seems to do the trick: point with the mouse over the menu entry (don't 
click) and press return to open the entry list, now the mouse can select the 
submenu entries. How weird!

Thanks Jim, without your message I would not have tried again.


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