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Re: VMs: Fw: Edward Kelley and the VMS

Hi Jan

The list has missed a whole trail of links, probably because they didn't
start at the right place. At the moment I can't put together all the
evidence but I'm getting there. The trail does not start in the place
everyone expects. But you are closer than you think! I wish I had started on
provenance earlier. However I would not have found anything before a certain
connection was made. So I probably started at the right time anyway. Until I
can nail it without fear of contradiction then I will keep on accumulating
what I can. One thing I do know now for certain is that is not a hoax.
Whether the text relates to the illustrations is still debateable. I now
know the country of origin and the players involved. Hopefully it will not
be too long before I can let the list know what I have found. When I do that
I am sure a solution to the whole thing will be an awful lot easier.

BTW I am aware that there will be much skepticism about what I am doing.
That is why I need to be absolutely watertight with the evidence and why I
am not putting it forward now.


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> Hello Jeff,
> ======= At 2004-07-16, 00:23:00 you wrote: =======
> >> > hypothesis. However, Kelley will still play a crucial part in the
> >> > story.
> Did I miss something? Is there  any hard  evidence connecting the VM to
Kelly or at least  his offering
> any manuscript to Rudolph?  Sure, he did have the manuscript  from
Glastonbury, but that was
> apparently the different one and he certainly did  not want to sell  that
one :-). And if Kelly, why not
> rather Dee, considering all we know?
> I can give you even more  romantic  theory: by the same token, the VM
could  have been written  using new English cipher  -  we know that Dee
corresponded with  Cecil  Burghley  and probably had a contact with Francis
Walsingham as well. He may  have had quite a laugh  when nobody in Prague
could  solve it - but at the same time he got the confirmation  that the new
English cipher is quite safe  . . .
> Poor Kelly  - he is actually quite  lucky:  having had his ears cut off,
he can't possibly hear all this  :-).
> Jan
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