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Re: VMs: Q. is there a to-do list?

  > [Nick:] I've recently posted a short list of VMs-related
  > real-world research projects (ie places someone would need to
  > physically travel to in order to find the answer to a question)
  > here:-
  > http://www.nickpelling.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/voynich/howtohelp.html

A few more items:
  Prague: Check the Prague Municipal Archives (*) for information on

  Prague: Check the library of the Strahov Monastery for any
  manuscripts of interest, especially Georg Baresch (Barschius,
  Bare{\chevron s}), Marci, Negroponte (who inherited Marci's
  library), etc.. (**)
  Rome: Check the library of La Sapienza (University of Rome 1) for
  possible sources of information about George Baresch, who is
  believed to have studied there. (***)
(*) Its shelves, full of ancient documents, were briefly shown in a
British TV documentary about Mozart's Don Giovanni. They had found
there a copy of the opera's libretto, handwritten by Mozart with
annotations and corrections by Casanova.
(**) When Rene and I visited the place briefly in 2000, I took a
couple snapshots of their shelves; look for "pictures from an
expedition" in my site. At the time the curators were still working on
the catalog -- a new volume of which was issued every year. I should
have bought a copy of the existing volumes, but it seemed too much
money for such a dubious shot...

(***) In the Sapienza website its says that they have about 100,000
volumes in the archives, which open only a couple of hours per day,
needless to say with no online catalog. I twice tried to contact a
professor at the History of Science department, trying to interest him
on the VMS and the question of Baresch's stay at the Sapienza, but got
no reply...

All the best,

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