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Re: VMs: Q. is there a to-do list?

Dear all,

Since I am actually going to Prague in a week
or so....

--- Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   Prague: Check the Prague Municipal Archives (*)
> for information on Baresch.

Good point. May be difficult with my little time
available. I'd like to use the occasion to thank
Jan Hurych for some great contact information
me managed to collect, and reiterate his vexation
that the publicity around the Rugg hypothesis
has made this much more difficult: people appear
less inclined to support this since it is now
a hoax anyway ...

>   Prague: Check the library of the Strahov Monastery
> for any manuscripts of interest

Definitely on my programme...

> (**) When Rene and I visited the place briefly in
> 2000, I took a
> couple snapshots of their shelves; look for
> "pictures from an
> expedition" in my site. At the time the curators
> were still working on
> the catalog -- a new volume of which was issued
> every year. I should
> have bought a copy of the existing volumes, but it
> seemed too much
> money for such a dubious shot...

The catalogue is by Ryba and seems still incomplete
(according to a web page - not sure from which date).
In any case, there is a full card catalogue ...

I will of course write about what happened as soon
as I am back. Apart from visiting libraries, I
will be meeting historians and hope to interest
them for the Voynich MS.

Cheers, Rene

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