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Re: VMs: Stars and angels

Hi Jorge,

At 11:52 11/09/2004 -0300, Jorge Stolfi wrote:
   > [Pam:] [Agrippa] states that the spirit of each angel (that is
   > _each_ angel, seemingly regardless of fallen or unfallen state)
   > is bound to a star (either a fixed star or a wandering star; that
   > is, a planet).

Perhaps the star-angel "bound" was really an equation, much like the
major Greek gods (and more other ancient ones) were idntified with the
planets? I.e. the concept of "angels" may have arisen as a
personification of stars, especially comets. Consider the imagery of
angels as wielding fiery swords, appearing on the sky at fixed places
every day for a number of days. Or falling stars, meteorites, and the
concept of the fallen angel...

I'm not disputing the link between stars and angels: but surely (almost by definition) a "fallen angel" is an angel/star that has fallen from the fixed stars - the fall from the firmament mirroring the fall from grace?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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