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Re: VMs: A Possible Interpretation of the Four Figures, one with an Egg

--- Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> But... it basically looks like a herbal written in a
> simple substitution 
> cipher, right? So the answer's actually (A), right?

That's just it - I wonder if that's what it looked
like to Rudolph and his court or if they saw it as
something else. Would he be interested in paying so
much for a "basic" enciphered herbal? My exposure to
medieval and renaissance era herbals and other books
is limited, but, just based on what I have seen and
the remarks from the list in attempting to find
parallels to the VMS, the VMS is similar but
significantly different from other codices of that
period. So it seems like the VMS would have been
viewed as quite unusual at that time. Herbals and
enciphered documents were known - would the VMS have
generated the interest it did if it looked like

Maybe. Maybe I'm overestimating the interest - just
projecting our own. Overall, the VMS generates an
underwhelming amount of interest (considering Rugg's
article is the biggest exposure it has had). Maybe it
was similarly of only minor interest to Rudolph.

> No, I think you're missing the point there:
> Voynichese was designed to look 
> like a simple substitution cipher, while actually
> being something far more 
> industrial strength, which is why many people think
> at first they should be 
> able to crack it with ease - suckers! :-o

Nah, I'm with you. "Hey, here's some simply enciphered
text." But it's not. Maybe it's industrial strength.
Maybe the text is just a ruse and it contains no
content, it's all in the crazy pictures. There's a
tinge of madness down that path though ;-) but then
again, I don't know how many sane ones we have left.


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