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Re: VMs: voynich dice game ... sunday thoughts

On Sunday 12 September 2004 10:22, Marzio De Biasi wrote:
> OUCH ...  my "lack of knowledge on the REAL VM" stabbed me in the back!
> The VM I used for testing is an EVA transcription (text16e6.evt - Friedman
> + FSG.NEW transcription) and I was absolutely convinced of a 1:1 char to
> symbol mapping.
> Is there an alphabet where this assumption is true (i.e. every symbol is
> mapped to a different char)?
> Where can I found such transcription?
> I'll repeat the tests on it as soon as I got it!

We don't know. The main puzzle is combinations such as "cth" where one letter 
is stuck in the middle of what may be a single other letter. Then there's 
"sh" which looks like "ch" with a diacritic. Most writing systems don't put 
one diacritic on two letters, but most writing systems don't put one letter 
in the middle of another, so we don't know whether "ch" is one letter or two.


li fi'u vu'u fi'u fi'u du li pa
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