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Re: VMs: voynich dice game ... sunday thoughts

OUCH ... my "lack of knowledge on the REAL VM" stabbed me in the back!

The VM I used for testing is an EVA transcription (text16e6.evt - Friedman + FSG.NEW transcription) and I was absolutely convinced of a 1:1 char to symbol mapping.

Is there an alphabet where this assumption is true (i.e. every symbol is mapped to a different char)?
Where can I found such transcription?
I'll repeat the tests on it as soon as I got it!

The statistics are based on the whole manuscript with labels discarded (I took into account only the paragraphs).

Thank you,

At 15.04 12/09/04, you wrote:
Hello Marzio,

you've shown some interesting results. The
interpretation is as always difficult. On
your latest E-mail:

--- Marzio De Biasi <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In a previous post I noticed how the word length
> distribution of  VM
> MATCHES (not only is similar) the distribution
> obtained with 2 dice
> assuming that 3 of the numbers in (3,5,9) have a
> "special meaning" (like
> switch to another cardan grill, change encryption
> schema, ecc.).
> So, one can assume that the spaces in VM are totally
> random and dice driven

This really is not correct. The word length
distribution depends on two main questions:
- which transcription alphabet is used? Depending
  on the choice, the distribution will look
  different. If it was Eva, it will almost
  certainly be wrong. But you can define your
  own quite easily and repeat the statistics.
- were the statistics based on all the words in
  the Voynich MS (i.e. the corpus), or on all the
  differnt words (i.e. the vocabulary). Since the
  most frequent words are relatively short, the
  two distributions will not be the same

_If_ dice were involved in the creation of the
VMs text, one would have to take into account the
above questions in order to explain _how_.

Keep up the good work,
   cheers, Rene

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