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Re: VMs: question on the "highly repetitive" arguments

--- Marzio De Biasi <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm a newbie on this mailing list so I would like to
> ask a question to 
> persons who think that:

> - the VM is a highly repetitive text (for example
> many paragraphs may start 
> with "this plant can be found ...", "... it can be
> used to ...") and moreover
> - a char in a known language may correspond to one
> or more symbols in the  VM (dittongs, ...)

Good question for a start: the phrase that the
VMs is repetitive is often quoted but it is
not so clear that it means the same thing each
time and for each person. What I suspect is that
it refers to the occurrence of repeated words
or repeats of very similar words, which is 
especially found in the biological section.

> How do you justify the fact that the longest
> repeated sequence in VM is 
> "only" 28 chars long?
> Stats are
> 4 repeated seqs 28 chars long
> 5 repeated seqs 27 chars long
> 4 repeated seqs 26 chars long
> ...(see table below)
> (the excerpts of the holy bible I used for some
> tests contains more than 30 
> repeated seq of length 28).
> Bye,
>    Marzio

Perhaps the VMs text contains more mistakes,
which would destroy the longer sequences.

Perhaps also, the VMs text is on more different
topics, so there are fewer occasions for
repeated phrases. 

Also, if there are special rules for characters
to be used at starts and ends of lines, it
means that repeated sentences in the VMs plain
text may not be repeated in the script if
they cross a line boundary.
(If this argument appears strange, please read
Currier's paper).

Just some ideas,

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