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RE: VMs: Ways to generate voynichese-like text

From: "Marianna Ridderstad" <marianna.ridderstad@xxxxxxxxx>

I came up with a way to create some voynichese-like text; I put my thoughts
on a web page, since the description is quite long:


Interesting. I have often said that the best way to analyse the internal structure
of the words is to assume that characters get deleted from a fixed
sequence such as EVA qolkshedary:

qolkshedary --> qo k  ed  y --> qokedy
qolkshedary -->  ol  she ar  --> olshear

What I don't see is how the idea about four tables is supposed to fit
in with this. I see in general how it works but I can't reproduce the
proposed encipherment of etiam.

Why four tables and not some other number?

Before the last step in which the ciphertext is arbitrarily divided into
cipher words, are there only three possible initials for the sequences
enciphering an individual plaintext character?

In terms of the hidden gap analysis of Voynich word structure, how
do you explain the many cases where there are three or more
hidden gaps?

Assuming that the manuscript is a genuine cipher, this is the kind of
cipher I would expect it to be, but I think there are many features
of Voynichese which this particular proposal does not cover.

Philip Neal

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