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Re: VMs: Ways to generate voynichese-like text

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Brett Cotton wrote:
> I like the idea that you describe on your web page, but I don't quite
> see how you get the mapping from 'etiam' to 'FTC8CCC, etc' I could get
> the first couple of letters from the fourth of your smaller tables but
> got a bit lost after that.

Same observation.  I suspect either a couple of simple errors in applying
the rules, or some confusion on my part regarding the rules.  It might
help to specify the algorithm used a bit more explicitly.

I'd also suggest, if it is at all possible for you to contemplate it, that
you substitute EVA characters for the Friedman set or a compromise
version.  I can barely manage to keep the EVA system straight, though I
realze this marks me as the rank beginner and newcomer that I am.  I tried
substituting EVA verisons of things into your text and it didn't seem to
me that it made a great deal of difference except to make things clearer
for me.

Also, I can see why you provide -, 4o (EVA qo), and o (EVA o) lines, but
I'm puzzled as to what other than arbitrary choice leads to the 8 (EVA d?)

Like Neal I'm a bit taken aback that all use of flourishes should be
window dressing and no more.  It is intriguing that the c (EVA e), a, and
i sequences should work out to be indexes into tables.

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