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Re: VMs: Ways to generate voynichese-like text

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The rest of the word determins the columns from which you take your
> letter -- it's obvious for T and A, but to use eg the third column with
> a C header, you have to write three "C"s, for the second "C" column you
> write only "CC", etc.

I'll have to try this version.  I thought the rule was to list the column
heads above the previous and next characters in a table in which one could
find them arranged left to right.

> Every plaintext letter is represented by a VM word, and each word is made up of
> an optional prefix, an optional gallows character, and the "stem" (A, T, Is and
> Cs.)

I thought it was a bit more arbitrary how many words per original word
than one per letter, albeit there was clearly a rule that 40/qo and o
began a new word.  It's certainly an ingenious attempt to bring together a
number of patterns.

And it should be fairly easy to test, right?

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