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Re: Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

hi all :-)

On 29 Sep 2004 08:47:52 +0200
 From: elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Elmar wrote:
 > On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, jan wrote:
 > > There are the sections in the VM, where the SAME gallows follow each
 > > other - in the same paragraph and with the other characters in between
 > > but without different gallows in between. What would be the need for
 > > that (one gallows would normally do)?
 Perhaps the gallows are a relative indicator, rather than an absolute one?
 "f" -> switch to next table, "t" -> switch to previous table, etc.
 That'd readily explain two identical gallows following each other, and it would 
 point to an amount of five Ridderstad tables.
for those seeking numeric's with the vms,

A "fair?" respresentation of SAME gallows following each other might 
be 1st line of f45r. here the line ends with 3 SAME gallows. 

unique to this page is it also STARTS with the SAME gallows.
(FWIW: this 1st gallows is NOT the same 'pointer_to_char' as the last 
3 SAME gallows, as the 3rd gallows in this 1st line has already 
flipped/rotated the table/key). 

in the FOLDing scheme of things,

 i would highly suspect that these 
last 3,4 SAME gallows are within a NUMBERS (as opposed to alphebetic) 
area/TABLE at this point of decoding.

while my previous a.b.c-1.2.3 #### posting had 'everybody in order', 
it may well be that


follows the same FOLDing scheme as its gallows counterpart to 


sorry i don't know for sure, BUT it is interesting the the 4 is static 
in both this positions AND that is the SAME as the gallow_char.

steve (#'s 4 in there somewhere?) ekwall

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