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Re: VMs: Jung and Modern/Traditional Astrology?

Hi, CW

I agree with you entirely in your continued
application of your analogy.  

Have you ever been involved in an area of study where
you found some of the historical sources which you
thought were pertinent were not accepted by colleagues
with whom you wanted to collaborate?

That's what we are working on.  It is all preliminary
to getting to the nuts and bolts of astrology.

I wish that I could assure you that treasured findings
such as a lexicon of familiar signs of the Zodiac were
likely to pop up in our study of the astrology of the
VMs, but I have a feeling that is not going to be the
case.  I think the VMs author may have anticipated our
ideas about cracking his code using common
astrological terms, and has probably foiled us again.

I would hate to think that I'm the only one who has
ever proposed this. . . but if we really do want to
know about the astrology of the VMs, I believe we are
in for a long, highly, _highly_ technical haul.  Hold
on to your hat. . . or get a good nap, whichever suits
you.  And perhaps it's a good thing most of you guys
like math, because at this point, I am starting to
think that lexicon of familiar Zodiac signs does not



--- CWLee <cwlee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> "Pamela Richards" <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Thank you for the lucid analogy you have provided.
>  To
> > make use of it for a moment, if nuclear physicists
> > used lead and gold in their experiments, ought we
> to
> > eliminate lead and gold as substances "too modern"
> to
> > have been mentioned in the VMs?  Which substances
> then
> > can we include?
> I believe lead and gold are proper terms to seek in
> the VM,
> as well as the various astrological "signs" - libra,
> leo,
> cancer, etc. - however they might be
> disguised/encrypted/hidden.  It is a reasonable
> assumption
> that the author of the VM was knowledgeable of those
> terms.
> Those words, in various languages, and with some
> alternate
> spellings, would be good targets for certain code
> breaking
> approaches.
> However, whether Edward Teller (20th Century
> physicist) was
> influenced by Democritus, Leucippus, and/or
> Aristotle  -- 
> or whether Carl Jung (20th Century psychologist) was
> influenced by "Ficino, Plato, neoplatonists, gnostic
> tradition, alchemy, etc." is the argument I find
> hard to
> follow as leading to a better understanding of the
> VM.
> Best regards to all.
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> CWLee
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> will be
> to get the gazelles and the lions to negotiate a
> peaceful
> solution to their long-standing differences." 
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