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Re: VMs: Jung and Modern/Traditional Astrology?

"Pamela Richards" <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank you for the lucid analogy you have provided.  To
> make use of it for a moment, if nuclear physicists
> used lead and gold in their experiments, ought we to
> eliminate lead and gold as substances "too modern" to
> have been mentioned in the VMs?  Which substances then
> can we include?

I believe lead and gold are proper terms to seek in the VM,
as well as the various astrological "signs" - libra, leo,
cancer, etc. - however they might be
disguised/encrypted/hidden.  It is a reasonable assumption
that the author of the VM was knowledgeable of those terms.
Those words, in various languages, and with some alternate
spellings, would be good targets for certain code breaking

However, whether Edward Teller (20th Century physicist) was
influenced by Democritus, Leucippus, and/or Aristotle  -- 
or whether Carl Jung (20th Century psychologist) was
influenced by "Ficino, Plato, neoplatonists, gnostic
tradition, alchemy, etc." is the argument I find hard to
follow as leading to a better understanding of the VM.

Best regards to all.
"If elected, my highest priority upon taking office will be
to get the gazelles and the lions to negotiate a peaceful
solution to their long-standing differences."  Tarzan,
Democratic candidate for King of the Jungle.

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