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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!


I have moved my web page to another url address
because I had problems with my server. My new url
address is:
http://perso.wanadoo.es/josers_1982/Index.htm .
Moreover, I have updated the contents (graphics) of
this web page. :)  

 --- vladimir@xxxxxxxx wrote: 
> Hi,
> A discovery I find really important. If I understand
> correct, it means that 
> after line-starting gallows the number of rare words
> sufficiently higher as 
> expected.

Yes, it's as you understand.

> (1) Where is T-gallow in your distribution?

I have sorted the text by a descending order (Z to A)
and now we can see the lines that begin by the
T-gallow. The reason is because these lines were in
the extreme of the graph where the changes (peaks)
always is less sharp. On the contrary, in the opposite
extreme (the begining of the graph) the peaks are
bigger, this is the reason that appear small peaks
(noise) (let us observe the graph sorted by a
descending order where a peak appears in the lines
which begin by EVA-dcha and EVA-dche) but I believe
that these small peaks are only that: noise.

> (2) Can you sort the strings using other
> alphabetical order, for example, 
> putting all gallows together? Then we see one large
> peak.

I have created a new graphic with all gallows
together: "Extract sorted of VMS (EVA modified) with
all the gallows in the middle of the text. "

If anyone have another suggestion, or proposal for
that I realize another graphic, please say to me ;)

Regards, Jose.

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