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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

Hi! I'm here again ;)

I have updated my web page (its url address is now:
http://perso.wanadoo.es/josers_1982/Index.htm ) with
other graphics that it prove that the first line of
all paragraph that begin with a gallow is diferent
(use another language) that the rest of paragraph.
(See the graphic: "Extract sorted of VMS (EVA
modified) with the second line of all
p-gallow-paragraph in the side of the lines of
p-gallow-paragraphs"). In this graphic we don't
observe any peak in the region of the p-gallows!!
(Furthermore, let us observe the graphics: "Extract
sorted of VMS (EVA modified) without the first token
of each line that begin by gallows" and "Extract
sorted of VMS (EVA modified) without the first and
second token of each line that begin by gallows"), in
these graphics we can observe that despite the first
and second token are erased of every line, the peaks
are still. By this reason we can confirm that the
first line of every paragraph which begin by a gallow
is in other "language".

As Rene Zandbergen said, it's a possible change in the
subject, a possible change in the language, or a
possible change in the code's key. Let us analyze
these 3 possibilities: 

1. A change in the subject:  It's almost impossible
that in a line the subject was different that the rest
of the paragraph. It can be the name of a plant but I
think that it it would have to appear in the rest of
the text. 

2. Perhaps the most logical? Since I have studied the
part of the VMS that it's writen in the language-A and
it's basically all the part of the Herbal-A, it could
to agree the beginning of each line with the name of
the plant in another language. This one could be in
Latin (since it's the most current at this time, but I
don't know if then was current), and the rest of the
paragraph it could be in another different language.

3. A change in the code's key:
	- It could be that the first line of every paragraph
was coded in a different way (different key).
	- Another possibility is that each line was the key
necessary to decrypt the rest of paragraph. In this
case the first line could not respond to the rules to
form voynichese words.However, this does not make much
sense, since if eachparagraph were codified depending
on the initial line, we would see a change of language
(a peak in the graphic of VMSA) by each one of the

What do you think about this?

Regards, Jose

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