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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

 From: Jose Rodriguez <josers_1982@xxxxxxxx>

*YES* .YES* *YES* (snip,snip,snip)
you wrote:-=>
 3. A change in the code's key:
 	- It could be that the first line of every paragraph
 was coded in a different way (different key).

 What do you think about this?
 Regards, Jose
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As ~crazy as it sounds, it may even be "SIMPLER THAN THAT" :-)

NOT only can ever paragraph change to a different key, BUT (per ES) 
you simply flip or mirror your key around to see the rest...(numbers, 
keys, words, paragraphs).. if you loose way - start over.

THOSE that don't follow this will get about 1/2 way in decoding.. that 
is: text/gibberish, then text/gibberish etc... 

Use the c_gallows_c to tell yourself WHEN to flip and to where!

neither side of the KEY is a mirror, YET it is a Mirror of the other 

personally i still hold

4 5

is mirror'd to BOTH SIDES as

4 8

D*arn ya'll IT's EASY'er if you just FOLD your paper KEY and turn it 
AROUND etc...

best to you & yours
steve (your numbers are *.*.*.* me here) ekwall :-/?

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