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Re: VMs: RE: I'm new

Hi Jim!

   My apologies by this late contestation. 

 --- Jim Comegys <Comegys_J@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> Hello, Jose.
> Welcome to the group.  I suppose your (first)
> language is Spanish.  Where are you from?
> Jim Comegys, American 

   Yes, my language or first language is Spanish.
Moreover I speak too the Catalan, a language that is
spoken in a part of Spain: Catalonia, Valence and the
Balears Islands. As I have explain in other mails, the
English is not my language and this is the reason of
my multiple spelling mistakes.

   I live in a village near of Barcelona, wich is
calling: Ripollet. I have ended the university course
of computing, and now I am looking for a job :P.

   Since I have said in previous mails I will try to
respond to everybody. But I hope you have a little
patience because I take in writing each answer. ;)

Regards, Jose.

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