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VMs: Is It Time?

Jim Gillogly wrote, on 10.5.04:

> OK, enough of this.  While it's true that, as Rene points
> we're unmoderated and uncensored, we do have a goal: to
> more about the Voynich Manuscript and to read it if
> This posting is totally off-topic, and much of the
> work is off-topic.  ...    I'm not happy to see things
like this
> posting, or more general explorations of topics that are
> peripherally related to the manuscript.
> Grumpily,
> -- 
> Jim Gillogly
> Voynich Ms. List Administrator
> (But not [yet?] moderator or censor.)

Based on recent posts about astrology, ancient timekeeping
methodology, deconstructionism, semantics, and various
off-topic one-to-one exchanges that are sent to the whole
list, I think the group and list can now benefit from a
judicious moderator.  I encourage Jim to assume that role,
at least for a few months.  Perhaps then we can go back to
the "anyone can post anything" mode of operation and remain
focused on the VM.

Best regards to all.

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