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Re: VMs: Is It Time?

10/10/2004 12:17:28 PM, "CWLee" <cwlee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Based on recent posts about astrology, ancient timekeeping
>methodology, deconstructionism, semantics, and various
>off-topic one-to-one exchanges that are sent to the whole
>list, I think the group and list can now benefit from a
>judicious moderator.

Oh, we have seen here many pieces of gigantic stupidities,
truly gigantic, posted here over the 15 years or so that
this list has been in existence. Some have even percolated
unscathed into that Scientific American article. They come
and they go. Sometimes the list is so quiet that you see
a lone message "Is the list still active?". Sometimes it
is awash with stuff, sometimes 99% interesting, sometimes
99% rubbish (perhaps I am exaggerating those figures).

To me, moderating this list would be like using a sledgehammer
to crack a few nuts.

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