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Re: VMs: Is It Time?

Hello Jim,  CWLee and all,

=======  CWLee, You wrote: 

>I think the group and list can now benefit from a
>judicious moderator.  I encourage Jim to assume that role,
>at least for a few months.  Perhaps then we can go back to
>the "anyone can post anything" mode of operation and remain
>focused on the VM.

What you suggest will  just put tremendous burden on Jim's shoulder - he 
would have to read now all of it and judge it as well :-). It seems that verbal diarrhea 
which lately  contaminated the list will not cease on its  own and so he will be 
the one to suffer most. Neither will us help the splitting of the list  into several 
subjects - we used to have only one and that was the VM, right? Also, putting 
the  subject  in the header as  some kind of warning will not  prevent the 
saturation of the channel and we would still have to weed out the excess stuff, 
every one of  us. I fully  understand Jim's frustration and nothing  but  surgical 
operation would work.

The problem is in the THREADS - very often two people keep going  on and 
on with some marginal subject.  Why cannot Jim just simply eliminate the 
threads - the posting will be only for original contributions, that is for those 
bringing their own discoveries  or new ideas forward. Only those would be 
send to  list and no answers would be then accepted. 

People interested in  the discussion about the certain contribution can then 
send their addresses to Jim, who would forward them (all in one mail) to the 
originator  for his/her  answers. The answers would be then handled in their 
own e-mail, the originator being also the discussion manager and he 
will cc's each person who applied to that discussion.  Also, each answer would 
be addressed to the originator only and he would then cc the answer to all who 
were "registered".  Those discussions then can go on a on and  the originator 
can eventually sum-up the results and send them to Jim  for  one, final posting. 
True,  the originator would have  to reveal his/her address  to people 
interested in the discussion, but only to them and so no harm is done.

It will not  only pass the burden to originators - so they will take their own 
medicine  - but also enable them to lead infinitely going discussions, until all get 
finally tired. People who get tired sooner, can simply write to originator to take 
them of his/her list. Since the results can be eventually summarized and posted,
we all can learn at the end what it was actually all about and not to miss anything. It 
should also please the people who turned this list into their private discussion 
club, since they will be able to carry on, but elsewhere.

I already maintain the correspondence with  several members of the list and 
find it very inspiring  - but I  also like the list as the general information channel, 
make no mistake about it.




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