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Re: VMs: Re: [VMS] Goat vs. sheep, Sagittarius

--- Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   > Can we put our heads together and postulate a
> culture
>   > where they never see scorpions (that's North),
> do know
>   > what lions look like (that's South), and can't
> tell
>   > the difference between goats and sheep (that's
> New
>   > York City!)?

I'm not very good at biblical quotes, but isn't there
one about separating the goats from the sheep
or v.v.? It wouldn't be there if it was so easy....

> The Lion doesn't count -- there were none in Europe,
> yet every
> European child would know what they looked like.
> Besides, the VMS
> picture is not a very convincing /Felix leo/, is it?

It's kind of OK for a lioness. Its tail and front
claws are
drawn in rather a typical "zodiac emblem way".
Or perhaps they were just usually drawn that way.

Perhaps when drawing Aries, the artist accidentally
copied a Capricornus?

> The VMS scorpion is really amazing; it would seem
> that all the artist
> knew was that is was a scary animal with a long
> tail. 

Which correctly points up and forward. He had no
(good) example to work from.

Cheers, Rene

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