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Re: VMs: Is It Time?

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Mark Hagerman wrote:
> As for the topic of moderating the list, personally I think it's too
> soon to give serious consideration to such a drastic change.

Moderating a list is a lot of work.  I doubt Jim is seriously interested
in doing it.  But there are positions short of this.  One would be a
convention something like "When the list owner feels things have gone too
far astray from the subject or good manners in a particular discussion, or
when he has received off-list suggestions to that effect regarding a
discussion and he choses to act upon them, he can post, or send off-list,
at his option, a request that a discussion be curtailed, which
participating members of the list agree to follow."  This is easily
enforced.  Those who don't curtail a discussion in question are
unsubscribed.  I think participants in any curtailed discussion should be
entitled to say something short, final, and polite on the subject, if they
wish, especially so if the curtailment comes by way of an off-list
request.  Doing things off list is recommended only aas a way to reduce
clutter and avoid any potential for public embarassment, not as a way of
doing things secretly.

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