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VMs: cross space links

Here is an example of the connection I suspect exists between
the ending of words and the beginning of the next word.

In the manuscript 18% of words end with "dy", and 14% start 
with "qo".  Therefore by chance alone we would expect 2.5%
of word pairs to show the relation  ~~~dy.qo~~ (about 920).

In practice the pattern exists 1989 times.  So there is 
something significant that promotes this relationship between
neighbouring words.

That is only what you would expect from a meaningful text
I hear you cry.  

But this greater than expected frequency does not arise from
a few 'meaningful' wordpairs which are repeated greatly,
it arises from 1431 different wordpairs which all share the
"dy ending, qo beginning" relationship.

As John Koontz suggests, perhaps this reflects some rule of 
grammar or phonology.   If alternatively it was a side effect 
of the construction mechanism (as in the hoax models) you 
would expect it to occur regardless of the specific ending and 
beginning choices.  So what is needed is a broad analysis
of the effect.... which I'm working on!


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