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Re: VMs: cross space links

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Marke Fincher wrote:
> As John Koontz suggests, perhaps this reflects some rule of grammar or
> phonology.

In this context it could be something as simple as this:  -dy could be,
say, a noun gender ending, and qo could be, say, a proclitic genitive
particle written with the following element, e.g., in Leonardo da Vinci
(imagined written Leonard Davinci) the "-o da" part.  In such a case one
would expect some other pairs (reflecting "-a d(e)" and "-e d(e)" to also
be fairly frequent.  Which brings up the point that it's not the frequency
of a particular pair that is significant, but the pattern or paradigm of
all pairs.  That is, what other things can follow -dy, and what other
things can precede q(o)-?

I didn't get into the issue of whether -dy should be taken simplistically
as two letters d y, or as eDeY, using D and Y to represent the particular
curlicues or flourishes added the two e's.  Or eMeL if I remember the most
likely proper correlations of the e-flourishes with the i-flourishes.  In
this case, -dy, -edy, -eedy, etc., might represent quite different
sequence-initial elements, and attending only to the -dy off this range of
possibilities would be like talking about sequences consisting of the loop
from a p or a b, followed by i, followed by the letter "to."

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