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RE: VMs: f11v - dd vs. gg

Hi everyone,

At 14:29 24/05/2005 -0600, Dana Scott wrote:
I suspect that the 88 seen in f11v was not made by the scribe but was marginalia added later by someone who was investigating the VMs as an eye catcher to the 88g seen in the text for that same line.

As for me, I suspect instead that this is marginalia by the original author(s): the 8 shape matches the Voynichese 8 shape well. Perhaps this was a note to himself/herself to avoid getting caught up in "dy ddy" tangles on later pages (which make the "dy" verbose pair too obvious)?

Of course, "dy ddy" might also attest to a late 20th century forgery, perhaps by Ken Dodd or Sean Combs? Unlikely but... there's always plenty of competition for the worst VMs hypothesis. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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