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VMs: Re: f11v - dd vs. gg

Hi Florin

You mean something like this. The first part is 'voynich lookalike', though
the letter orders are wrong. I could spend a couple of months making it
look more like the VMS but life is too short. The second part is the plain


vocatus sive citationes sex spiritum sub
veneris dominio existentium ubi docetur
methodus perficiendi sigillum veneris
eiusque tubam circuli compositio nomina
propis spirituum eorum vocatus et sigilla
cum horum praeparatione libri consecratio
operantis ritus spirituum valedictio cum
aliis adhuc pluribus in opere observandis

This method expands the text due to its
verbose nature.


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> While this may look obvious to some, I hope some others may find something
> interesting in it.
> A while ago I came across a folio from Manipulus Florum(*) which reminded
> me about a VMS folio(f11v). A graphical comparation can be found at:
> http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/~fion/vm/f11v-mf.htm
> A text version of it may look like this:
> (manipulus florum)
> gg      Non queritur.in Christianis inicium
>         sed finis.gg.l.xxxviii.mo(ralis)
> (voynich ms)
> dd      soydy qoteey qot chor dy ddy
> Here the gg is used as a shorthand for Gregorius (libro 38 moralis) and
> also as an annotation/index. The graphical version looks better.
> What is this supposed to mean ? I don't know, probably it is just a simple
> coincidence. I just keep it as an argument for "intentional annotations".
> I thought it will be nice to share it, maybe it will trigger some ideas.
> This is definitely not the only folio where the gg shorthand appears and
> most likely not the only ms.
> It will be funny if "ddy" would be found to be a shorthand for a word with
> a similar pattern : g--g--us , d--d--us ... s.o.  :)
> (*) Handful of flowers, written by Thomas de Hibernia around year 1306.
> Multiple editions were published between 1483 and 1887. The author is/was
> well known for his method to annotate/index a ms, quite revolutionary at
> that time.
> Regards,
> Florin

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