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Re: VMs: Fish (was What's Missing or Different?)

Quoting Koontz John E <John.Koontz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm fairly certain I didn't introduce the subject of fish!  But I will
> grant that whether or not they are conventional they are certainly not
> missing.  

To tell the truth, I think this is a promising approach, to catalogue (with some
Prussian consistency) everything that is "different or missing".
I just liked to go fishing first, I think this one clearly IS a bit strange ...
but of course, on the same page we have the nudist maiden in a pulpit with a
cross and this is much more different.
She clearly has something to say and to me she intimated: why are you thinking
we are so-so Europeans?...

In Europe, where this one
was not just a bestseller, but an practical handbook to get a bigger cabbage
plot in heaven, such a girl could be possible for a week or two. But the next
pic of the gallery is not a flamiin stake, nor a bunch of crusaders ... instead
she appears "to be taking some ease" in a funny waterpot and then, there comes a
very suspicious fish...

to find her out at about AD1500, I would take a big ship and sail away from
Europe with another bunch of "pilgrim fathers" or so ... they live somewhere
pretty frendly with native people, make good money in trade, teach some local
boys to write (these are really talanted and a big help, too) ... they build
some kind of church of course (maybe they left, because ther style of pulpit was
not accepted at home). Local people are really impressed. Then somethiin
happens, after 15, maybe 30 years. The Europeans are either killed or they leave
(the preferred style of pulpit is okeey again at home?). After they are gone,
the local spring-festival looks very soon somethiin like this:
and one of the boys who helped in the book-countiin, becomes a Different
Doctorman ... well, he can to write also in Burmese or (put here the name of
Bangla syllabic alphabet!) or somethiin else, but he is prefering the European
one, of course, because he is The Different Doctorman...

this tale could be polished up of course, changed here and there (par example,
why should the Europeans leave at all?) but to make a short end I would say, it
is a good idea to catalogue everythiin that IS STRANGE ... point by point

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