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Re: VMs: fake letters

Nick Pelling wrote:
Hi KM,

At 21:19 14/07/2005 -0500, Knox Mix wrote:

The possibility remains that, aside from abbreviated endings, some letters were intentionally omitted because they were not essential to reading the script.

It's certainly possible: though the VMs' small working alphabet (whether fake or not :-) ) makes it less likely that nulls are present there. For example, a good number of the more complex Tranchedino ciphers have upwards of 100 symbols - plenty of room for nulls there.

Nulls were not considered in what I have described. The working assumption was that there were none.

Brian's script finds none in the file I am using. It lowers the confidence level for an ordered string of VMS trigrams -- end to end; I made no attempt to re-overlap them.

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