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Re: VMs: fake letters

Hi KM,

At 21:19 14/07/2005 -0500, Knox Mix wrote:
I was convinced the first time around. The possibility remains that, aside from abbreviated endings, some letters were intentionally omitted because they were not essential to reading the script.

It's certainly possible: though the VMs' small working alphabet (whether fake or not :-) ) makes it less likely that nulls are present there. For example, a good number of the more complex Tranchedino ciphers have upwards of 100 symbols - plenty of room for nulls there.

>the micro-structure of the order of the underlying text seems >consistent with a yet-to-be determined rule-based grammar of sorts, >whether further enciphered or not. Essentially, there seems to be >structure beneath the (fake alphabet) surface...

I understand "underlying text" as referring to a grammatical text from which the script was derived. If that is right I am not sure I understand the statement. If the overall thought here is that the VMS hints at being so derived, I cannot disagree with what I have read in support of that. Anything you can add would be helpful.

The underlying text may be a real language, or a shorthand, or a (probably pre-Trithemius) cipher, or a code, or some combination of them: all of which are "languages" in the loosest sense. :-)

[Do you] have some feeling of the relationship of the quires to each other? I am not prepared to say why but this is my sense of it. The letters to the left represent ordinary texts in English that are "different" from one another on a scale of a-z. Very roughly. And assuming most texts would be in the range of F-R. From <V> in that group to Quires 15, 17, & 19 is a good stretch. Quire 13 is the most "different". Quires 5 & 6 are as much "like" the preceding quires as they are to other "B-dialect" quires. All variable depending on what aspect is considered. Overall, though, it has the "feel" of influence by writer and subject matter. What do you think? Anyone?

FWIW, I don't think that the contents of the Herbal quires are bound in the same way as they were when they were created. Which would somewhat muddy the waters here. :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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