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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

Hi, Nick,

Nick Pelling wrote:

Having recently had a look at the Phaistos Disk while in Crete, I bought Thomas Balistier's "The Phaistos Disk - An Account of its Unsolved Mystery". Not a bad little read: in VMs terms, it would be along the same lines as D'Imperio, I guess. Anyway, on p.78 at the end of Chapter 7, Balistier remarks:

        In closing, I would note that the attempts to interpret
        the inscription as West Finnish or Old Estonian (Gleye
        1912) or as Indian (Sankarananda) should be taken less


Though it's stretching the point to claim there's any kind of link with the VMs here, I just like the symmetry between John Stojko's Old Ukrainian VMs and Arthur Gleye's Old Estonian Phaistos Disk - and that's good enough for me. :-) BTW, does anyone know what Gleye thought the PD said?

I presume you aren't being too serious here. ;-)

Frogguy's article is quite apposite:


and for entertainment value, by all means don't miss


and if you don't find even that sufficiently amusing... well, if Old Estonian, why not Basque?


... and you can't beat *that* for entertainment!


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