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RE: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

I hope someday it is solved, but I understand Stojke's fear that if it is a
language most folks simply don't know (and a lost language certainly fits
that bill), then there may never likely be an acceptance, correct or not.  I
have also now seen enough examples of botched historical translations to
realize that the process is often more of a political accomplishment than a
technical one.  So the proper mindset I think is to simply take pleasure
from it as a personal challenge alone, and anything else that should come
about is just gravy...

	I too, love to see history rewritten. On one of my (non-VMS) sites, I even
start with the phrase "History writes itself; history rights itself". I
understand your point that we shouldn't exclude any evidence that may
reflect an earlier date - but we also shouldn't jump to the earlier date so
easily. The evidence that something like the ghibelline design may have
existed earlier isn't so cut in stone (pun intended). I don't know if your
understanding of Stojko's fear is trying to throw me into my old rants about
that solution or not, but the reality is that people on this list would have
no trouble excepting a lost language if one can prove the language with a
grammar and logical approach to writing that explains the wonderful
anomalies of the VMS. It would be pretty cool to put the VMS back into the
language debates that we've drifted from (mostly because we haven't been
able to find any reasonable candidate). If you can find a grammar and syntax
in the VMS that could be aligned with a 'suspected' language, we would all
be interested. You don't even have to know what that language is/was.

	As for the Dacians, well - the herbals you refer to might tie in - after
all, who says the author didn't write about herb knowledge that's been
around for a 1000 years and was newly discovered to him.


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