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Re: Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

Elmar Vogt Scrive:

First, you tacitly assume that the VM illustrations are all about blood
vessels. If it's about the lymphatic system, or one of the other humours
which compose the human system according to the ancient medics, green might
very well be the appropriate colour to describe it -- not to mention the
chance that the illustrations might come from a completely different topic.

Secondly, I think the effects of colour blindness are overestimated. See for
example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colour_blindness with some tests for
colour blindness, where there really are subtle hue differences to discern.
I personally know a cartoon artist who didn't know he had a red-green
deficiency until he was well in his twenties, and his pictures were always
full (and correct) colour.

Well, if author's daltonism is not the cause of the "weird" VMS colours, we can not assume the colours are anyway right.
As the author encrypted the text, he could have "encrypted" the colours too to mislead readers (maybe in his mind green=red, red=green, blu=...).
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