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Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

On 7/21/05, Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It just seems to me that the
> old ideas that are still present as folklore really have
> been discredited.  I didn't want you, or any newcomer, to
> have to waste time with them.

I see... You mean it's a bit like the attempts to find Jack the
Ripper.  The idea that the Ripper might've been connected to the Royal
family has been sompletely discredited by serious Ripperologists.  But
"discredited" isn't the same as "disproven", so the Royal Conspiracy
theory keeps popping up in populist books and films.  The serious
Ripperologists get very annoyed about this, but they don't want to
take the time away from their own personal areas of research to look
for definite proof that Royalty wasn't involved.

Another thought... Even if the colours were added by a later owner, it
might at least give us a clue as to the VMS's provenance.  It must've
been owned by a colour-blind person at _some_ stage in its history.

I'll start downloading the colour scans this weekend and take a close
look at them.
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