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Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

Dear all,

in response to the following conversation:

>>> what's wrong with the dee-kelly hypothesis?

>> The fact that the only evidence available is
>> circumstantial at best.

> IMHO that does not justify a strong sentence like
> "we don't believe that  Dee and Kelly had anything
> to do with it either", especially since there 
> are not better hypotesis available (AFAIK)

There is no positive evidence that Dee and/or
Kelly sold the VMs to Rudolf.
There are literally hundreds of people who sold
items to Rudolf, who was a veritable collector of
art and artefacts.
There are many people known to have
sold books to Rudolf. 

Wilfrid Voynich wrote in his 1922 article that he
had studied this part of history, and identified John
Dee as the most likely candidate, because he was
most likely to sell a book of R.Bacon to Rudolf.

Since this selection criterium has been discredited,
Dee is no longer the most likely candidate!

Because of Voynich's statement, the lives of Dee
and Kelly have been scrutinised in order to find
more potential evidence. Nothing firm has been
found, but lots of circumstantial stuff.

Had other people been scrutinsed as much in
this direction, I am fully convinced that equal
of circumstantial would have been found. This
is pure speculation, but I think it is justified - we
see as much in this list, where supporting evidence
for any and every theory can be collected easily.

Three candidates (among the many) whom I would
find particularly promising in this respect (more so
than Dee or Kelly) would be:
- Joannes Sambucus
- Richard Strein von Schwarzenau
- Jacopo Strada

I doubt that the internet is a good source for details
about these people, but you never know....

Cheers, Rene

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