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Re: VMs: Hi ...

Quoting Rene Zandbergen <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Wilfrid Voynich wrote in his 1922 article that he
> had studied this part of history, and identified John
> Dee as the most likely candidate, because he was
> most likely to sell a book of R.Bacon to Rudolf.
> Since this selection criterium has been discredited,
> Dee is no longer the most likely candidate!

yeah, Voynich looked for a story for this manuscript, but he looked for it with
the eyes of his customers ... Bacon, Dee ... these names sell in London/NY
pretty okeey ... 

another nice story about it (which is almost too nice to be true) - if we can't
read it, so it's crypto ... btw, who said it first? Voynich? I agree, he was
good in telling stories ...

But these 2 assumptions are some of the ideas, which might have been like
vicious circles - where even educated people (in the case of this MS the best in
the field, in fact) sometimes follow each other over decades like little
caterpillars on the edge of a cup ... well, could be so, could be not; anyway, I
think the necessary information is already ready, probably here in the archives
.. and to see it, it's necessary to change of the viewpoint, to drop some of
the presumptions ... and to dig in archives, too (this is called "work" ... but
sometimes it helps to get the necessary bits, if you haunt badly enough here in
the list ... the people remember a lot of stuff here)

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