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Re: VMs: just another newbie

Heikki Qvist wrote:

I am just another newbie and Voynich is just another item for fun for me.)

I am checking one possibility for VMS. It means splitting the EVA alphabet.
An example: a=>c+i or c+i+3
This requires seven more symbols for use. I just call them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.
These are depended characters because they cannot be used as they are, only with another symbols as a combination.
There is also 9 symbols which works independly like o and i.

Just want to see how this do for frequency.

Hello Heikki,

I used the opposite approach some time ago: I assumed the EVA might actually represent the individual strokes which compose latin letters. (Ie while latin "l" and "o" as single-stroke letters would be "elementary", "d" and "b" would be composed of "l" and "o". "d" would thus be written in two EVA letters, one representing "o" and one for "d".)

Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything comprehensible. But perhaps the approach can give you some kind of inspiration.



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