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Re: VMs: Zinkovy castle for sale

Hi Rafal

Thanks for that it clears out my muddy mind a bit. Here is another
page that mentions a Johann Baresch. Is he known about already?
It may be likely that he is a descendant of our man.

Dalsím príslusníkem rodu byl Lukás Gleixner (autor zdobené reliéfní
krtitelnice z roku 1612 v kostele sv. Markéty v Jaromericích nad Rokytnou).
Z cínaru, kterí do Jihlavy pribyli, lze jmenovat Jonase Zieglera (prisel
roku 1696 z Bavorska) nebo Franze Antona Hantsche z Krupky v Krusnohorí.
Dalsími byli Johann Knauth (1751) nebo Anton Rackl, zakladatel dalsího
významného cínarského rodu. Také polenský rodák Anton Tabella (prisel z
Kutné Hory v roce 1782) byl významným jihlavským cínarem. Posledním z
velkých cínaru byl pak Johann Baresch z Nového Bydzova, který jihlavské
mestanské právo získal roku 1843.

I am determined to nail this guy.


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> Hi Jeff,
> > Any bidders? It's fourth castle from the bottom.
> > http://property.org.uk/unique/castles.html
> That's the genuine alchemy - you buy it here:
> http://www.civitas.cz/zinkovy.php
> at 6.2 mln and then sell at the former website
> at 9.3 mln = 3.1 mln dollars (minus tax)
> The trcik is you must steal 6.2 mln somewhere first :-)
> But seriously - it is really magnificent! Wow!
>  > If Barscius came from here then he
> > was either a serf or he was born in the castle.
> He was certainly not of high nobility, and most probably
> not nobility at all. The castle was owned by
> by the "z Vrtby" (of Vrtba) family - the name has
> the vowels/consonants ratio which excludes it from
> the VMS discourse :-)
> > See this site. This describes serfdom and mentions one Mr. Jan
> > of Klenovy & Janovice & of Zinkovy.
> > http://my.athenet.net/~blahnik/smrzovice.htm
> >
> > This article shows the precarious nature of the serfdoms where
> > property could be given to freed serfs but would be taxed heavily.
> > As the king was said to own the serfs they were only a little better
> > than slaves.
> Certainly not! Neither the article you quote nor my
> independent knowledge can confirm such statements.
> There were obviously many quite poor people - but
> the Blahnik family of millers described there seems
> to have been doing quite well, selling and buying
> real property etc. The sums mentioned are almost as
> large as that paid for the VMS - the "golden pieces"
> are really "zlaty", and if it was the same as Polish
> "zloty" of the time, there were 4 or 6 to one ducat (florin).
> People with academic or other "professional" career
> (medical, legal, church) would mostly come not from nobility
> but burgher (craft, merchant) families. It may also
> have been landless gentry etc. (taking into account
> somewhat different social structure and inheritance rules
> in this part of Europe, especially when compared to
> England or Scotland).
> So I doubt he was born in the castle - and certainly
> not in the family of its owners. Besides, the present castle
> was built in the 17th c. (on the place of an earlier one),
> so even if we buy it, it will not have mural inscriptions
> made by Baresch :-)
> Best regards,
> Rafal

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